MeshTV is an experienced comprehensive provider of end-to-end transmission via satellite and production services to the global broadcasting industry.


MeshTV has the depth and experience to get the job done, backed by its parent company Antenna Technology Communications Inc., (ATCi), the Company has the knowledge, technology and client base to offer end-to-end transmission via satellite services.


About ATCi – Originally founded in 1979 as a provider of antenna radio frequency development systems, ATCi has successfully transformed itself into a multi-dimensional supplier of communication platforms to government/ military entities and large corporations in the cable, telephone, education, cellular and broadcasting industries. ATCi now serves commercial customers and government entities worldwide through the provisioning of its Simulsat line of satellite earth station antennas and accessories, satellite portable flyaway news gathering and sporting event coverage systems, fixed satellite uplink systems, video headend systems, fiber optic transmitters and receivers, and satellite teleport services.


MeshTV provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services using teleports, flyaway and transportable uplink and downlink systems with C, Ku and Ka-Band antennas. The Company also provides production support as well as numerous additional value-added capabilities which round out our comprehensive inventory of services.


                                                MeshTV services include:


Channel Distribution and Backhaul Services

Fiber Connectivity

Master Control and Playout Services

Disaster Recovery


Satellite News Gathering (SNG)

Sports Feeds / Live Events

Ad Hoc Content Delivery

Flyaway Systems / Services

Uplink Systems

IP Harvester

Engineering / Integration Services


MeshTV’s catastrophe-free southwest U.S. location enables the Company to offer a unique distribution platform with significantly lower pricing than its competitors.










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